Corporate Finance Consultants-All Industries

Does your firm require temporary analytical staff, or modellers, DD experts, or Director level temporary support?  We have Corporate Finance consultants ready to deploy. Particularly to assist the time-poor CFO. We can provide a range of services, from everyday tasks, to assisting on a specific transaction. 

Corporate Finance Consultants 
  • Financial Modeling Services
  • Assistance with identifying funding : debt and / or equity
  • End of Month reporting, or any periodic/repetitive tasks
  • Writing :  your business plan, project pitch, IM , Offering Memorandum, Credit application, scoping studies or more advance feasibility Studies, shareholder updates.
  • Due Diligence : Engaging consultants and managing the process. Technical, Legal, Engineering, Geology, Market, Insurance, Risk, Social Governance & Environmental, FX, Hedging, etc – and meeting with subject experts/authors.
  • Presentations : Creating for, and presenting to Board, Management, Investors, and other stakeholders
  • Investor Relations :  We have acted as the contact point for questions from external stakeholders and responsible for all information disseminated externally
  • Transaction support: When you need additional skills and/or staff for a project on a finite/ temporary basis
  • Bankable Feasability Studies (BFS) : We have been involved in writing/reviewing/ collating  many BFS’s including below
    • 2021/2022 : EQ Resources Ltd (ASX:EQR), for their Mt Carbine tungsten mine in North Queensland. refer image below
    • 2021: Chinova Resources Pty Ltd, for their Osborne Copper mine, south of Cloncurry, Qld
    • 2019-2020: Metro Mining Ltd (ASX:MMI)for their bauxite mine in Weipa. Rock reviewed and finalised the BFS which led to securing NAIF Funding of $47m (credit approval received Nov.2019) refer image below
    • 2016-2018: Adani Coal & Rail Rock reviewed and finalised 38 chapters across Mine & Rail projects (construction of 27mtpa coal mine and 380 km rail from mine to Abbott Pt Coal Loading terminal), for funding of $900m from Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF)
    • 2011: Aquila Coal Pty Ltd for their Washpool met. coal project in Bowen Basin
      Corporate Finance Consultants

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