Mining-Assets for Sale :

We are currently working with a North Qld mine near Cloncurry, and they have > $30m of various processing plant items for sale (some never used and still in packaging).

The 4 categories of plant are

  1. Lorena gold mine – CIL-operating now- purpose built to be demountable and moved
  2. In containers never used: another CIL processing plant
  3. In containers never used: Autoclave & POX plant
  4. In containers never used: miscellaneous miningplant
  • Full equipment lists and  >5000 technical drawings are available
  • Plant suitable for gold mines and autoclave/POX also for copper, nickel and cobalt. All items would suit a junior miner, and the Autoclave & POX could also suit a major.
  • If any interest please contact Emma McPherson on or call on +61408 200 814
  • Rock Financial Advisory can also arrange finance for this (or projects you may have).
    More details below:

# 1 Lorena Gold Concentrator and CILOperating now

  • 300ktpa. The CIL is 3 years old,  and was purpose-built to be able to be demounted and re-located (technical drawings available illustrate this) thus can be moved easily.
  • It is an operating processing plant, thus interested parties are able to inspect it in operations
  • The plant is suitable for junior miner, who could buy it, move it, and be producing gold dore from ore very quickly
  • To buy new (from offshore) would cost circa AUD$17m
  • Extensive information already in the public domain under “Lorena Gold” , such as

#2 – Gold CIL Processing plant in containers/ unused/ ready to cart away today

  • Original manufacturers cost in 2021$ > AUD$900k
  • If a gold mine already has a ‘front end’ this equipment gives them a ‘back end (CIL Plant)’ quickly.  Miner will still need to provide their own tanks, structural steel, power etc, however all of such items can be sourced locally and have a quicker lead time than components such as the elution columns.
  • The advantage of this plant (over Lorena above) is there will be no de-mounting costs – containers  are ready to be carted away  today

#3 – Autoclave & Pressure Oxidisation (POX) plant in containers/ unused/ ready to cart away today

  • Original manufacturers cost in 2021$ > AUD$17m
  • Suitable for Gold, Copper, nickel and cobalt mines

#4 –  Miscellaneous equipmentin containers/ unused / ready to cart away today

  • Original manufacturers cost in 2021$ > AUD$1m, and items include:

Regrind Cyclone Package, Copper Conc Pump, Regrind  Thickener, Underflow Pump, Limestone Trash Screen, Limestone Cyclone Cluster, Lime Tank Agitator, Elution Cyanide Delivery Pump, Leach Cyanide Delivery Pump, Sodium Hydroxide Pump, Flocculant Dosing Pump, Cobalt Mix Tank Agitator, NBS Quench Water Pump, etc