Financial Modeling

Financial modeling is the backbone of all businesses and any transaction. Our models are built to answer complex questions – but they are not complex models.  We create models across all industries, and for a wide range of end- purposes, some shown below

Our clients are not Excel experts: they are CEO’s, CFO’s, engineers, geologists, etc. Thus we keep the model as simple as possible with no unnecessary long formulae or macro’s.  You have questions re your business/re  your forecast cashflow/ re a past data set/re a potential acquisition/ or a loan/ or an equity invetsment, etc… We create a model that answers those questions.
New Model or a Rebuild of yours?
New model: We have template models available for sale, which can easily be amended to suit your business. Or we can build you a new model “from scratch” tailored to your business
Your existing Model: Sometimes your existing model is fine and needs a mere “refresh”. We can perform a  quick “health-check” of your model  in one day, or one week. Alternatively, we can take your existing model and conduct a more thorough review. Such as: check for calculation and logic errors/ check that calculations and inputs match source documents/ add error checks to minimise errors going forward/ add sensitivities and what-if analysis.

$10million in one day?
During a recent audit, in the first 10 minutes we identified> $10m extra revenue from an error:  The model was a typical “bolt-on” where one person created it, and then others added more rows and calculations, which had double discounted the revenue. Fixing this error increased revenue by $10m.
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Financial Modeling

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