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Category 1: Gold Mines For Sale..Copper Mines For Sale 

  1. near revenue (6 months)  Gold -Northern Territory$45m funding sought. JORC Resource (updated May 2023) : 855k oz at 1.2 g/t Au  at a 0.5 AU g/t cut-off (475k oz Indicated & 380k oz Inferred). Additional JORC Exploration Target of 5.0 to 14.8 Mt at 0.74 to 1.45 g/t Au for 119,000 to 734,000oz Au.  Open pit for 120,000 oz then going UG. With $4m capex, project can be producing gold dore withing 6 months , using the neighbouring CIL mill via toll treating. Longer term, $60m capex  could build a flotation processing plant, which would produce a con. , and would take 18 months to production (still need to obtain processing permit however no cyanide will be used, and permit has not been applied for until funding received).  Granted ML, with three additional EL’s surrounding, covering 66 sq km, with no native title obligations and fully permitted for open pit mining.  Significant potential exists to increase the current Resource and also include surrounding prospects not yet evaluated. Most recent open pit optimisation and mine scheduling has delivered a mine plan for 108koz resulting in a FCF pre tax of +A$113M over a 3 yr period. Total ore mined is 2.8Mt at a strip ratio of 2.5: 1.  Cumulative cost/oz of A$1,296 for the proposed open pit mine
  2. Near-revenue (10 months) Gold, Victoria:$20m funding sought. 2million oz mine with 25k oz JORC Reserves (Resources & Proved Reserves) and moving another 200,000 to JORC Resources in 2023.  Adjacent to Fosterville (and was part of Fosterville), and on same strike as the Swan lode- thus similar geology. AISCtenures (2 granted ML’s, and 6 EPM’s). Can be pouring gold 10 months of funding received. Fully permitted shovel ready, processing plant on site. Comprised of 6 mines (4 oxides, 2 sulfides) and permitted to build 3 plants across CIL (purchased and on site now), VAT leach, and Sulphides.  Grades in mine plan= up to 5g/t (and 3000 g/t found in exploration).  Also has additional revenue from 25,000 t Antimony (1 mt ore @ 2.5% antimony)- as next to Costerfield antimony mine. Has enough land (owned freehold for > 90 years of tailings storage)
    Link to data – Nagambie toll treating processing plant
    Link to data – Golden Camel gold oxides mine
    Link to data – Shiraz UG gold & high grade antimony mine
  3. near revenue: 9 months Gold -Tasmania $10million funding sought $ JORC Resource 483koz Au at avg 10.3 g/t.  (177 k oz Measured, 177 k oz Indicated, 129k oz Inferred). An additional 1.5m oz could be moved to JORC in 8 months (and of that, 83k oz already at surface in stockpiles). Last production was at A$784/oz AISC. One of only two gold mines in Tasmania with processing infrastructure. Funds will be used: $6m for plant ( plant is already on site: funding is to finish commisioning / electricals, etc) & $4m working cap. First gold pour could be 9 mnths from funding received. Granted ML’s
  4. Near-revenue (12 months)  Gold-Western Australia, seeking funding > AUD $10M JORC Resource:  5.8Mt at 1.87 g/t for 348,775 oz Au. (36koz Measured, 85koz Indicated, 226k Inferred). All ore under JORC is oxides but with substantial potential for sulfides/ UG.   Existing mill nearby means this project could be producing within 12 months of receiving $10m funding. Strong brownfields opportunity for resource expansion on existing resources.  Existing Management, with extensive mine development and operational experience. 4 granted ML’s, 5 misc. granted leases, 3 EL’s.
  5. Gold/Cobalt/ Tungsten-Qld-Cloncurry: For Sale >$9m A rare package of gold/ cobalt/ tungsten tenures in prime Selwyn ranges, south of Cloncurry, and with toll-treating processing solutions nearby 
    New Hope granted ML 2487, (includes tailings from historical workings, containing gold). Recovery via flotation 91%) JORC Resources (Indicated & Inferred)= 234kt at 5.22g/t Au (for 39k oz Au), 2126ppm Co, and 840ppm W.
    Mt Cobalt granted ML 2732 (gold, cobalt and tungsten),JORC Resources (Indicated & Inferred)= 56kt at 2.86g/t Au (for 5koz Au), 714ppm Co, and 173ppm W.
    Oorindi  EPM 19686, in the middle of Dematallica’s tenure with similar gold geology to Eliose, and aeromag data available showing drill targets.
  6. Near-revenue  Gold- Qld/ 60km SW of Townsville ( and 3km east Far Fanning), For Sale >AUD $2M 3 granted mining leases (all renewed in last 3 years) which cover an area of 128 hectares, and cover a portion of a 10-15km  gold bearing structure along which, opencut mining has already taken place (Far Fanning). No JORC but drill data exists from 9 percussion drill holes in 1981. The mine was last worked in the 1930’s, and 52t of ore is recorded as being mined at an avg grade of 16 g/t, and tailings at 27 g/t.  Exploration: In 1980 Marathon Petroleum Pty Ltd carried out photogeological, orientation geochemical, and soil geochemistry studies, and concluded that the area constituted a prime exploration target, and possibly more interesting than Far Fanning. Despite this, Marathon did not conduct any follow-up work as they regarded Far Fanning (their main target), too small to be mined successfully (but which, in the 43 years since, has been mined successfully).  In 1981, Aberfoyle Exploration Pty Ltd completed mapping & rockchip sampling and put in 9 costeans across the mineralisation. Results calculated that the gossaneous reef zones averaged 7.8 g/t. In 1984, Pegamin Ltd, undertook check of rock chip sampling, obtaining values ranging from 1.3 g/t to 38.2 g/t Au. Processing: Ore can be processed through the existing Blackjack mill nearby, as well as potential for cost savings from co-working with that mine owner. This represents a low-cost entry into gold mining in the historically high-gold grade area between Townsville and Charters Towers

Category 2: Tin Mines For Sale

  1. Pilot stage production now- NSW $6m funding sought to ramp-up production, or will sell for $25m JORC Indicated Resources = 9kt Sn, Inferred Resources=33kt  Sn .The mine contains 66,500 tonnes of material at an average grade of 0.18 % Sn. This includes 10.7 million tonnes of tailings grading 0.20% Sn, waste dumps and hard rock resources. At USD $27,000 /t  the value of the contained tin is about USD $1.8 billion. Currently producing at pilot plant stage  (48 hrs/week)  and has sent out three shipments of 20 tonnes each  for approx.  AUD$300k. In May 2023:  2nd screen will be delivered which will double production to 96 hours / week, and the month after can double again to 24/ 7. Purchase of a ball mill  in late 2023 will double recovery, from 28% to 45%.
  2. Chillagoe, North Qld $6m funding sought for exploration play JORC Inferred Resource Estimate of 14 Mt @ 2.9% ZnEQ.  (Zinc (Zn) equivalent). for project #1 of 3 (> 250 sq km pegged): greenfield mine, 3 months from production. Simple operations no mining involved- rather processing waste dumps that were left after the 1980’s tin price crash. Payback over 14 months, thus strong returns with IRR> 900%. Projects #2 and 3 will mine tailings and an UG copper porphyry , resp. Two tenures: one granted ML, and one EPM ( and process to convert to ML has commenced, and application # received)
  3. near Revenue-Tasmania west coast-Granville For Sale circa $1.5m. Two Tenures (one granted ML & one EL):  Was placed on C&M in 2019, but has potential near-term production. Furthermore, the exploration potential, and options to acquire external assets, offers the potential to develop a long-term mining operation on the west coast of Tasmania, which already hosts several world class mines. The region is well serviced by mining contractors, service providers and laboratories.
    Primary mining lease (2M/2018) granted until March 2027 covering an area of 78ha incorprating: Development consent issued by West Coast Council and approved to mine and process ore. Granville East Mine (GEM) being an open cut mine; Associated infrastructure at the mine includes waste dumps, crusher pad, mobile crushing plant, fixed 11kV power, mine dewatering pumps, buildings / shelter and sediment ponds; Granville Processing Plant (GPP). 3tph process circuit incorporates a ball mill, magnetic separation, gravity (spirals and tables) and flotation. Additional equipment at the GPP historically utilised to achieve a higher throughput rate includes mobile trommel and jig, and could be suited to treat alluvial material.Associated infrastructure at the plant includes a HDPE lined tailings storage facility, fixed 11kV power and 10ML water dam; and An adjacent area previously mined for alluvial tin but could host a deep lead (ie placer deposit).
    Exploration license EL9/2019, area about 90km2, granted until June 2026. The area contains a number of targets prospective for skarn hosted tin mineralisation as also found at GEM. The areas also are considered prospective for alluvial tin and could provide for supplementary tin production

Category 3: Processing Plant For Sale -all in Queensland

  1. SXEW – Solvent Extraction Electrowinning circuit- Cloncurry For Sale>$11m : never used/still in packaging in containers, Output= 150,000 tpa copper cathode.  Link to data
  2. Autoclave & POX- Cloncurry: For Sale>$8m – never used/ still in packaging in containers. Autoclaves are a used in minerals processing to extract metals from refractory ore bodies. A typical process for autoclaves is high-pressure acid leaching (HPAL), which is often used to extract nickel from laterite ore bodies, but can also be applied in copper and cobalt production (thus could be used for some of the above mines for sale).  The capacity of the autoclave is 56.9t/hr, with volume: Internal volume =435 cubic metres-normal. 250 cubic metres Operating.  Link to data
  3. Sold- Lorena gold plant CIL& Flotation -Qld-Cloncurry:  For Sale>$5m  With both a flotation circuit and CIL, can process sulphides & oxides. Capacity = 350ktpa and is fully modular thus can be easily moved or capacity expanded. (Lorena Leases also for sale) : opportunity to buy into an operating and producing gold project (with other nearby leases for sale as wel
  4. Bucket Wheel – NZ – For Sale>$2m Very low usage (4,000 hours out of 85,000 life cycle). Located in NZ – 80km’s from Invercargill Port (relocation plans available). 2300 bcm/ hour/ Bulk waste removal on low to medium ground-pressure material i.e. suitable for mineral sands/ Mining device and transfer wagon/ Lowest cost quartile because fully automated/ Crawler mounted Bucketwheel Excavator / Designed capacity 3200 m3/hour / Digging height 14 metres/ Digging depth 0.6 mtr/ Bucket size 0.67m3 / Wheel diameter 8mtr / BW boom length 15 mtr / Discharge boom length 25 mtr / Belt width 1.6 mtr / Belt speed 4 mtr/sec / Ground pressure 1.1 kgf/cm3 / Power supply 6.6kV/ Dismantled ready for shipping/ Transfer Belt Wagon, 40mtrs x 1.6mtrs conveyor belt / Belt speed 4mtr/sec / Walking speed 1.9 – 7.3 mtr/min / Crawler mounted / Onboard Auxiliary drive oil cooler for extended tramming distance.
  5. Gravity Plant -Qld-Cloncurry:  For Sale>$980,000 Near new 70tn/hr capacity. Suitable for gold processing and other heavy metals • Stand Alone Power Plant • Feeder Stacker system, and complete with trommel- available for purchase today. Link to data
  6. SOLD – CIL processing plant: Offers > $1.2m (new/ never used)  Capacity is 325ktpa-SOLD 

Category 4: Coal Mines For Sale

  1. Thermal coal- Qld Bowen Basin  For Sale circa $65mJORC Reserves 387Mt (161mt Proved Reserves), and JORC Resources of 822Mt Fully permitted and ML’s recommended for granting by Land Court (thus approved to move to ML). Australia’s lowest sulphur export coal asset. . >70 years production (at 8mtpa on a single longwall) or >40 yrs with dual longwall. Development ready –key approvals in place, landholder agreements secured and Feasibility Study updated.
  2. Thermal Coal – Qld – Galilee Basin (Northern): For Sale AUD$55m 1.9 billion tonne JORC 2004 Resource (184mt Indicated and 1.753bn t Inferred). Less than 10% of surface area explored. Close proximity to existing infra. e.g., the Mount Isa to Townsville rail line. 4 tenures: 3EPC’s and 1MDL.
  3. Thermal coal- Qld Surat Basin  For Sale @ $15m Ideal as a feedstock for power stations due to high quality and low sulphur. Underground and high quality: Specific Energy GAR +6000 kcal/kg. Low ash, low sulphur, low phosphorous. High yield – 75% to 85%. JORC Resource of 2.052 billion t (356Mt Indicated & 1697Mt Inferred ) at depths amenable to underground mining. ,Next to Yancoal’s Cameby Downs Mine. Cheap Entry to Underground with Opencast Mining. Two MDL’s and One EPC
  4. Thermal coal- Galilee Basin (west of Alpha Coal) For Sale-Open to EOI’s or Farm-In  3.44billion tonnes under JORC (627mt Indicated, remainder Inferred). An additional Exploration Target has been identified in the range of 2.0 to 2.5 billion t. Three main coal resource areas within four tenures: One MDL and Three EPC’s over 2,199 sq km.

Category 5: For Sale: Base Metals Mines For Sale, O&G, and other

  1. near Revenue- Petroleum lease Surat Basin:  For Sale at $5m, or lower investment invited 1.4m bbl Proved Reserves (under NI 51-101)  (equiv. to>AUD$250m revenue), of highest quality Brent Crude. Offtake in place with IOR refinery at Eromanga, and very cost-lite opex. Leases granted, and fully permitted (was operating in early 2022) . Link to data
  2. Agriculture– Wool Scouring- $2m early seed equity sought Blackall Qld: Most Australian wool is sent to Asia or India for scouring due to low cost there, however this project will bring wool-scouring back to Australia. Spedifically, advances in technology mean a local plant can now compete with low cost offshore plants. Plant cost will be circa $150m. per ABC report

Category 6: Clean Energy & Renewables 

  1. near revenue (7 months)-Biomass: North Qld: $20m funding sought (debt and/or equity) for biomass project turning noxious prickly acacia trees into energy (same energy as coal) via torrefaction. IRR> 120%.  Granted leases and fully permitted. The project conducted a field study in mid-2017 and created200kg of Prickly Acacia torrefied biomass in situ, with ALS lab analysis showing strong results : energy similar to coal. Project has an MOU with local Shire Council to remove all Prickly Acacia on 25,000 acres (10,000Hectares) of Council controlled land, and will return this land back to productive grasslands. The Prickly Acacia will then be processed into a biomass and onsold to a large energy-intensive industry user for emissions reduction in kiln, furnace and other thermal applications.  Project has secured all relevant permits through Biosecurity Queensland for the commercial handling of Prickly Acacia.
  2. Hydrogen Qld/Townsville: Manufacture of Hydrogen Electrolysers – $5m early stage equity sought, followed by $20m debt in 2022
  3. Water production technology -Global – Ideal for remote mine sites. Swiss designed, “Air to Water” machine extracts H2O from the humidity in the air, producing water, ranging from potable/ drinking quality to industrial use. Units can make up to 10,000 litres/ day. POA
  4. Solar PV Energy-Australia -easy installation technology. Patent pending. Produces low cost solar power. Broad global applications, thus large market potential.  Low capital, high profit (IRR >90% business model. Seed funding sought of $1.1m. (or 100% sale with royalty). Could be utilised at any of our mines for sale

Category 7: Offtake Sought : Thermal Coal & Iron Ore

  1. Buyer 1: Thermal Coal Chinese state-owned company looking for spot goods of 5500 GAR FOB Aussie port or and CIF Guangzhou 65,000 mt per vessel.  The buyer is also looking forward to locking in a 3-year long-term contract, with +200,000 to 300,000 tons per month of purchas

  2. Buyer 2: Iron Ore Chinese state-owned company looking for Iron Ore:  500,000 tons per month and for 3 month to 6 months contract.   Iron Ore Fines 58-59% and  Iron Ore 60-62%.  Also C4 Iron Ore

  3. Buyer 3: thermal coal sought- spec below: 
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