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From financial modelling, to contract review, to Investor Relations or writing documentation
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Transaction Support

  • Writing all stages of the offering documentation : from PFS (Preliminary Feasability study) to BFS (Bankable Feasability Study), or the Information Memorandum
  • Reviewing due diligence (DD)  i.e.Technical, Legal, Engineering, Geology, Market, Insurance, Risk, Social Governance & Environmental, FX, Hedging, etc – and meeting with subject experts/authors.
  • Creating presentations for, and presenting to Board/ Management/ Investors/ other Stakeholders
  • Writing or reviewing risk matrices/ risk mitigation strategies and contingency plans
  • Investor Relations role / being the contact point for questions from external stakeholders and responsible for all information disseminated externally
  • Financial Modelling : creating a new model, re-building or “fixing” an existing model, or auditing a model you’ve received
  • Specific to the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility ( we have worked with two clients to access more than $900m of funding  – hence we are very familiar with this process and have executed the whole process and submitted all documents required by NAIF, on behalf of the client- thus letting the client get on with running the company. 
  • To see how we have helped clients before, please visit this page.