Corporate & Transaction Support :

Need a temporary financial analyst? Or someone to review DD or write documents? Call us – we have staff ready to assist:

  • Writing : All or some of the chapters of your business plan, project pitch or offering documentation. For example, a Business Case, a Loan application, a PFS (Preliminary Feasability study) or a BFS (Bankable Feasability Study), or an Information Memorandum. 
  • Due Diligence : Organising/ commissioning  and reviewing – and reviewing again. For example: Technical, Legal, Engineering, Geology, Market, Insurance, Risk, Social Governance & Environmental, FX, Hedging, etc – and meeting with subject experts/authors.
  • Presentations : Creating for, and presenting to Board, Management, Investors, and other stakeholders
  • Investor Relations role :  We have acted as the contact point for questions from external stakeholders and responsible for all information disseminated externally
  • Financial Modelling : Building, fixing or auditing – and for any purpose. Buying/ selling/borrowing / lending, or in some cases no transaction, rather updating internal models to arrive at correct cashflows. And consequently giving the client an effective business tool to make decisions going forward.
  • Transaction support: You may not need an Adviser for the whole process, but rather for some elements of it – we can assist. 
  • Bankable Feasability Studies (BFS) : We have been involved in writing/reviewing/ collating  many BFS’s including: 
    • 2011: Aquila Coal for their Washpool met. coal project in Bowen Basin
    • 2016-2018: Adani Coal & Rail – Rock Financial Advisory reviewed and finalised 38 chapters across Mine & Rail projects ( construction of 27mtpa coal mine and 380 km rail from mine to Abbott Pt Coal Loading terminal), for funding of $900m from Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF)
    • 2019-2020: Metro Mining for  their bauxite mine in Weipa – Rock Financial Advisory  reviewed and finalised the BFS which led to securing NAIF Funding of $47m (credit approval received November 2019)
  • To see how we have helped clients with corporate and transaction support and other key services, please visit this page.