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We can do the modelling – fast. Allowing you to focus on the wider project/transaction at hand.
Audit : 20 years experience in auditing complex financial models.
All Industries

1. New Model Build

Need a new financial model built? We can start “from scratch”: from a blank Excel sheet, and create you an easy-to-understand model, which will be a tool you can use to make confident business decisions. Let us help you transform assumption/input documents into a clear and concise financial model.

New Model Build

Model "Fix"/Rebuild

2. Re-build or "fix" of an existing Model

Need an existing financial model re-built or “fixed”? or refreshed? Or new data added?

Why spend unnecessary time and money on a new model, when a re-build will suffice?

  • Busy period coming up? Need temporary analyst staff/modellers? : Why pay for full-time financial modellers or investment analysts when you only need them occasionally? We can help. 
  • In all our roles, the common element is that clients want us to “uncomplicate” the numbers and create a clear, easy-to-use model: a tool they can have confidence in to make better business decisions.  
  • Our assignments have ranged from a 2 day cashflow build, to a 3 month debt raising exercise, to a two-year construction project – thus whatever your needs we have the people for you.
  • Let us do your financial modelling (faster than you can) so you can focus on your business.  

We build or re-build models with a variety of end-uses: 

  • Valuations, Acquisitions, Divestments
  • Borrowing funds? Lending funds? We create models for both
  • Project feasability: PFS/BFS/ DFS
  • Project Finance: DSCR,ICR, LLCR, PLCR
  • Leveraged Finance and Private Equity: Debt/EBITDA, entry and exit multiples
  • Bid tenders/Corporate Finance/IPO’s
  • or simply – a clear cashflow model to better understand your future cashflows (base case and sensitivity analysis)

3. Model Audit

More than 20 years of auditing complex financial models across all industries.

Model Audit

Why should I have my financial model audited?

  • If you are the owner of a company, project, transaction, or an idea, don’t you want to be 100% sure that your cashflow forecasts are correct?
  • If your forecasts are incorrect, you could be wasting money: making the wrong decisions re quantum or location of future spend: across capex, opex, employees, promoting one product versus another, building a new factory when demand forecasts are incorrect, or incorrect inflation forecasts have been used. 
  • Submitting a model with error’s,  in a bid or to a potential lender, or to any party – immediately reduces credibility of your business/ project/idea.
  • A financial model is only as strong as its weakest link. Hence the importance of a thorough model review.
  • An audit brings fresh eyes and an independent 3rd party who may notice issues that you haven’t.
  • In Excel, the “engine”/ the calculations, are “under the surface” – there could be a myriad of errors – invisible until it is audited.
  • In Financings: Some models are required to be audited as a Condition Precedent (CP) in a transaction as the financial model is the backbone of a transaction. Thus the model signed-off at financial close often becomes the legal decision-making tool post financial close that (in Project Finance) calculates (amongst other things) covenants, required additional repayments, build-up of reserves (i.e. DSRA) and distributions to equity (or restrictions thereof), and in all transactions generally (from an IPO of a gold mine to a cashflow forecast re a widget factory) – is one of the key files that will be referred to many years after the transaction.

What audit services do you provide?

Whatever the client requires : We offer varying levels of reviews, ranging from a quick “healthcheck” to a complete model review/ rebuild / interrogation of all inputs and calculations:

  • Healthcheck :  Need a quick high-level review? A day is enough for us to review the model, including running “model maps”, and employ other tools in audit software, to give you a high level summary of issues.
  • Pre Audit check: If your transaction CP’s requires that the model is audited by a “Big 4” firm, you can save money by sending it to us first for an initial review, as we will not charge you substantial hourly rates to advise minor issues.
  • Checking calculations only (i.e. no checking against due diligence / documentation).
  • Checking that calculations agree with documentation.
  • Checking that inputs agree with documentation.
  • Adding error checks: We’ll fix the issues we find and add more error checks to help you in the future.
  • Full interrogation of inputs and calculations: more than just checking that the model agrees with the documentation, some clients requires us to “dig deeper”, understand the sector / service, and further question information providers.
  • Creating a new “shadow” model, that should deliver the same results in the base case and under sensitivities.

Amsterdam based (de Ruijterkade 112E, 1011AB) and serving all of Europe All enquiries : or call us on +31 6 2983 2003 The founder of Rock Financial Advisory, Emma McPherson will be happy to explain our services.