Mines For Sale or Investment

Discover mines for sale or seeking funding, or projects for sale, ranging from operating projects to leases, and processing plant, and from Australia to Offshore. Data rooms with full suite of technical data & financial models, available post signing NDA. Please contact Emma McPherson on +61 408 200 814 or info@rockfinancial.net   Projects producing now, or near-revenue (within 9 months) indicated in green.  Rock Financial Advisory is not a licensed financial adviser, and accordingly, provides no advice re any projects below, and all parties must conduct their own due diligence.

Category 1: Gold & Copper

1. Near-revenue Featured Project: Gold and Antimony-Victoria:

Seeking $10m funding adjacent to Fosterville (and was part of Fosterville when owned by Perserverance), and with similar geology. 500 k oz gold at surface, and prospective for 2m oz, similar to Swan lode @ Fosterville. LoM is min. 13 years, with 6 mines (4 oxides, 2 sulfides) and 3 plants across CIL (purchased and on site now), VAT leach, and Sulphides. Grades in mine plan reaching 19 g/t (and 3000 g/t in exploration). First gold pour in Q12023, and listing thereafter. $330m revenue from Antimony (as next to Costerfield antimony mine/ along same strike). The only greenfield Victorian gold mine permitted for TSF and thus permitted to build a processing plant.

2. Producing now Copper-Gold- Qld-Cloncurry :

$30m debt sought : Operating mine seeking funding to re-open old pits that are now economic: 7 year project life/ 6mt of ore/ 46,000 t Cu/ 270,000 oz Au. Processing plant and all other infra. & permits in place (as it’s an operating mine for. 25 years)

3. Gold- Fiji :

$25m debt sought to restart a historic mine

  1. Autoclave & POX, south of Cloncurry: For Sale>$12m –  never used/ still in packaging in containers
  2. SXEW – copper circuit, south of Cloncurry: For Sale>$11m : never used/still in packaging in containers
  3. Gold- NZ For Sale>$11m :  6 months drilling to Resource level, then 18 months to get to ML granted- could be producing 2 years from start of drilling.  EPM is on freehold land which is easier to convert to an ML in NZ. Has 100,000 t at 10 g/t or 32,000 oz gold = AUD$77m revenue. Snowden pronounced a JORC Resource in 1999. North of Karangahake   : one of NZ’s largest mines (potential 7 m oz gold)
  4. Gold-Qld-Cloncurry: For Sale>$7m Lorena mining lease and Lorena gold plant (15km east of Cloncurry)Plant has both a flotation circuit and CIL, thus can process sulphides & oxides. Capacity = 350ktpa and is fully modular thus can be easily moved or capacity expanded. Opportunity to buy into an operating and producing gold project (with other nearby leases for sale as well-see below)  
  5. GoldQld-Cloncurry: Gold ML’s 2487 and  2732. For sale >$6m  ML 2487=New Hope Gold leases (includes tailings from historical workings, containing gold). Recovery via flotation 91%. ML 2732=Mt Cobalt : Gold, Cobalt and Tungsten
  6. Gold and Gold/ Antimony domains-NSW: For Sale >$1.5m: Expl. licenses >104 sq. km and 40 historical mines with high gold grades. Two separate targets that could develop into Tier 1 mine: Hillgrove/Fosterville style. No exploration done >30 years thus opportunity for modern techniques to uncover new deposits.
  7. Gold & Copper Qld-Cloncurry For Sale>$1.5m: Trekelano Mining Lease (ML 90125): Inferred Resources of  100kt  @3% Copper and  0.9 g/t Gold : “In 1940 Trekelano was the only mine in Qld,  outside of Mount Morgan, to produce over 1,000 tons of copper for the year.. “
  8. Gold-Qld-Cloncurry : Confucius Gold lease: For Sale > $1m
  9. Gold-Qld-Cloncurry:  small campaign available of 10,000 oz  on granted ML. For Sale>$1.5m
  10. Gold & Copper-Qld & NT:   Qld project next to Red Dome, and targeting +1Moz Intrusive Related and Epithermal Gold Systems  Seeking $500k funding
  11. near revenue Gold -Tasmania  JORC Resource 483koz Au at avg 10.3 g/t.  Last production at A$784/oz AISC. One of only two gold mines in Tasmania with processing infrastructure. Planned restart 2022 Seeking $500k funding
  12. SOLD – CIL processing plant: Offers > $1.2m (new/ never used)  Capacity is 325ktpa-SOLD 

Category 2: Coal Mines For Sale : Coking & Thermal

  1. Producing now Thermal Coal – Australia- Funding sought of AUD$700m: Opportunities to join debt or equity funding of acquisition of this operating coal mine
  2. Near revenue Met. coal-USA- Virginia: 50% for sale for USD$250m –  Fully permitted and near production, offtakes secured or can be purchased with no offtake. Total Resource = 247 million t (sum of Measured, Indicated & Inferred, 43-101 compliant) with a total LoM> 50 years..
  3. Thermal coal– Qld  Sale by Negotiation- Bowen Basin/ fully permitted and ML’s recommended for granting by Land Court/ Australia’s lowest sulphur export coal asset. JORC Reserves 387Mt (161mt Proved Reserves),  and JORC Resources of  822Mt. >70 years production (at 8mtpa on a single longwall) or >40 yrs with dual longwall
  4. Thermal Coal – Qld – Galilee Basin (Northern): For Sale AUD$70m. 1.9 billion tonne JORC 2004 Resource (184mt Indicated and 1.753bn t Inferred). Less than 10% of surface area explored. Close proximity to existing infrastructure such as the Mount Isa to Townsville rail line.
  5. Thermal Coal For Sale AUD$65m  -Qld- Galilee Basin : 1.7 billion t JORC Resources (315mt Indicated and 1.389bn t Inferred), and > 25 year LoM. MOU in place with significant Asian power generator for offtake. Close proximity to Bravus Rail link
  6. Thermal Coal -Qld- Surat Basin  For Sale AUD$70m –  3 months away from production
  7. Thermal Coal -PNG- For Sale AUD$20m –  minimal capex ($20m) to get into production. Qualities comparable to Indonesian thermal coal (4700 to 5000kcals). Large tenure across a 200km strike length of outcropping ‘Shu Coal Measures’ within the Papuan Basin.
  8. Met. coal-Qld:  EPC For Sale $1.3m vs valuation from SRK of $4.4m. South of Collinsville. High quality, low ash, ultra-low volatile PCI coal comparable in quality to the benchmark  price setting brands (Foxleigh, Coppabella):

Category 3: Clean Energy & Renewables 

  1. Biomass: Richmond North Qld: $45m funding sought(debt and/or equity)  for biomass project turning prickly acacia trees into energy
  2. Hydrogen Qld/Townsville: Manufacture of Hydrogen Electrolysers – $5m early stage equity sought, followed by $20m debt in 2022
  3. Water production technology -Global –  Ideal for remote mine sites (and communities and schools). Swiss designed, “Air to Water” machine extracts H2O from the humidity in the air, producing water, ranging from potable/ drinking quality to industrial use. Units can make up to 10,000 litres/ day. Modular and easy to install and operate. Units available now-details on application
  4. Solar PV Energy-Australia -easy installation technology. Patent pending. Produces low cost solar power. Broad global applications, thus large market potential.  Low capital, high profit (IRR >90% business model Seed funding sought of $1.1M. (or 100% sale with royalty)

Category 4: Critical Minerals, Oil & Gas ,  Other:

  1. Zircon -South Africa- For Sale > $90m
  2. Producing now Petroleum lease Surat Basin:  For Sale at $8m or lower equity investment invited 3million barrels Proved Reserves of highest quality Brent Crude (= > AUD$500 million revenue available). Offtake in place wth IOR refinery at Eromanga, and very cost-lite opex .
  3. Producing now Magnetite 69% Fe3O4 –  Northern Territory, Australia. $30m equity sought
  4. Magnetite 68% Fe3O4 – South Australia. NPV > USD$1.4 billion, early stage $15m equity sought
  5. Magnetite – PNG $15m  funding sought
  6. Magnetite – Townsville, 200 ktpa output- all available for sale . $5m offtake advance sought
  7. Agriculture- Wool Scouring$2m early seed equity sought Blackall Qld: Most Australian wool is sent to Asia or India for scouring due to low cost there- this project will bring wool-scouring back to Australia, as advances in technology mean a local plant can now compete with low cost OS: Plant cost will be circa $150m. 
  8. Details re select projects below – please contact us for more.

Featured Asset: Gold Mine

Victoria, Australia

  • Gold and Antimony
  • First permitted mine only 22kms east of Fosterville, with similar geology,  same development program and same grade potential
  • 500,000oz production profile over 10 years with planned drilling to unlock Fosterville like deposits.
  • 6 mines in the permitting process for development over the next 2 years : 4 oxide and 2 sulphide projects.
  • It is constructing the centrally located Nagamabie Toll Treatment Facility, with permitted surplus tailings storage capacity and surplus capacity available for toll treatment of 3rd party ores. 
  • CIL processing plant in construction with first gold pour in November 2022. Sulphides plant commissioned in 2024.  
  • Debt and Equity Investment opportunities available : Equity IRR> 35% 
  • Targeted listing in 2023, 
  • Exploration Targets have grades > 3000g/t as shown below (from Shiraz Oxides) 

…and > 50 g/t per intercepts below(Shiraz pits: oxides and sulfides) 


Mining-Assets for Sale :

We are currently working with a North Qld mine near Cloncurry, and they have > $30m of various processing plant items for sale (some never used and still in packaging).

The 4 categories of plant are

  1. Lorena gold mine – CIL-operating now- purpose built to be demountable and moved
  2. In containers never used: another CIL processing plant
  3. In containers never used: Autoclave & POX plant
  4. In containers never used: miscellaneous miningplant
  • Full equipment lists and  >5000 technical drawings are available
  • Plant suitable for gold mines and autoclave/POX also for copper, nickel and cobalt. All items would suit a junior miner, and the Autoclave & POX could also suit a major.
  • If any interest please contact Emma McPherson on  emcpherson@rockfinancial.net or call on +61408 200 814
  • Rock Financial Advisory can also arrange finance for this (or projects you may have).
    More details below: