Financial Modelling :

We “un-complicate” the numbers, leaving you an easy-to-use financial model.  If the cashflows are clearer, so will be the decisions.

  • Give us a complex project and we’ll hand you back a simple model.
  • Our clients are not Excel experts: they are CEO’s, CFO’s, engineers, etc, and thus we don’t leave them with complex models and unnecessary long formulae and macro’s. We deliver a clear and easy-to-understand cashflow forecasting model.
  • Our assignments have ranged from a 1 month cashflow build, to a two-year project financing.
  • Financial Modelling is the backbone of any transaction, therefore give the job to experts -who have been modelling > 20 years.
  • Busy period coming up? Need temporary analyst staff/modellers? Why pay for full-time financial modellers or investment analysts when you only need them occasionally? 
  • Be careful buying off-the-shelf , “one-size-fits-all” template models. As it’s very rare such template models do actually fit all. Consequently you may end up spending more time inserting rows and columns, and amending formulae to reflect your business, than had you come to a professional modeller and had one built for you “from scratch”, or we can amend an existing model you have.

1. New model build. We can start “from scratch”: from a blank Excel sheet, and create you an easy-to-understand and use model.  We build or re-build models with a variety of end-uses:

  • Valuations, Acquisitions, Divestments
  • Borrowing funds? Lending funds? We create models for both
  • Project feasability: PFS/BFS/ DFS
  • Project Finance: DSCR,ICR, LLCR, PLCR
  • Leveraged Finance and Private Equity: Debt/EBITDA, entry and exit multiples
  • Bid tenders/Corporate Finance/IPO’s
  • or simply – a clear cashflow model to better understand your future cashflows.

2. Existing model re-build or “fixed” Why spend unnecessary time and money on a new model, when a re-build will suffice?   

3. Model Audit   Why should I have my model audited? 

  • If you are the owner of a project, transaction, or an idea, don’t you want to be 100% sure that your cashflow forecasts are correct?
  • If your forecasts are incorrect, you could be wasting money. In other words, spending capital on the wrong project, or building one product versus another, or building a new factory when demand forecasts are incorrect.
  • Submitting a model with error’s, in a bid or to a potential lender, or moreover, any party immediately reduces credibility of your project.
  • Above all, an audit brings fresh eyes and an independent 3rd party who may notice issues that you haven’t.
  • In Excel, the “engine”/ the calculations, are “under the surface”: subsequently there could be a myriad of errors – invisible until it is audited.
  • In Financings: The model signed-off at financial close becomes the legal decision-making tool for the life of the loan. Consequently it calculates (amongst other things) covenants (DSCR, PLCR, LLCR, Debt/EBITDA), required additional repayments, build-up of reserves (i.e. DSRA) and distributions to equity (or restrictions thereof). Therrefore,  any mistake in this key document- you’ll be living with for many years. 

We provide a range of audit services: 

  • from a quick “health-check”  
  • to a complete model review. For example, ensuring all inputs and calculations in the model match source documents/ speaking with subject matter experts to ensure model logic is correct/ creating a “shadow model: as the ultimate check that your model is delivering the correct outputs under both base case and sensitivities/ adding many error checks to minimise errors going forward.