Financial Modeling Services: All Industries. All types of models. We “un-complicate” the numbers, leaving you an easy-to-use financial model.  If the cashflows are clearer, so will be the decisions. Our clients are not Excel experts: they are CEO’s, CFO’s, engineers, etc, thus we don’t leave them with complex models and unnecessary long formulae and macro’s. Specifically, we deliver a clear and easy-to-understand cashflow forecasting model. Financial Modeling Services – we are the experts!

  • “$100 million in one day” :  as an example : in a recent assignment we identified> $100million of errors in a client’s model: firstly, we applied error-check software, and then, we used our brain : specifically, we check the logic.  The model was a typical “bolt-on” where one person created it and then other people added more rows and formulae, and thus double discounted the revenue. Subsequently, their proposed project went from being non-viable to viable. 
  • Be careful buying financial modeling solutions off-the-shelf , particularly, the “one-size-fits-all” template models. As it’s very rare such template models do actually fit all. Consequently you may end up spending more time inserting rows and columns, and amending formulae to reflect your business, than had you come to a professional modeller and had one built for you “from scratch”, or we can amend your existing model. Therefore- come to the experts- and save yourself time and money.
    We build or re-build models with a variety of end-uses:
    Valuations, Acquisitions, Divestments
    -Borrowing funds? Lending funds? We create models for both
    -Project feasability: PFS/BFS/ DFS
    -Project Finance: DSCR,ICR, LLCR, PLCR
    -Leveraged Finance and Private Equity: Debt/EBITDA, entry and exit multiples
    -Bid tenders/Corporate Finance/IPO’s
    …or simply – a clear cashflow model to better understand your future cashflows- amd thus, overall, make better business decisions.

We provide a range of audit services: 
from a quick “health-check” that could take one day to one week
-Building you a new model “from scratch”, or conversely, taking your existing model and review/audit and re-build, Specifically, we can check that all inputs and calculations in the model match source documents/ checking that model logic is correct/ creating a “shadow model”, as the ultimate check that your model is delivering the correct outputs under both base case and sensitivities. Moreover, we add many error checks to minimise errors going forward. 

CFO Support Busy period coming up? Need temporary analyst staff, or modellers, DD experts, or Director level temporary support?   We have staff ready to deploy, particularly to assist the time-poor CFO, or fill a staffing gap on a temporary basis, or assist in a project, when extra people or skills are required. We can work from your office or ours to provide CFO Support & Financial Modeling Services. 

  • Assistance with identifying funding : debt and / or equity
  • End of Month reporting
  • Financial Modeling Services
  • Writing :  Monthly reporting, your business plan, project pitch, IM or an Offering Memorandum, Credit application, scoping studies or more advance feasibility Studies, shareholder updates. 
  • Due Diligence : Engaging consultants and managing process: i.e. Technical, Legal, Engineering, Geology, Market, Insurance, Risk, Social Governance & Environmental, FX, Hedging, etc – and meeting with subject experts/authors.
  • Presentations : Creating for, and presenting to Board, Management, Investors, and other stakeholders
  • Investor Relations :  We have acted as the contact point for questions from external stakeholders and responsible for all information disseminated externally
  • Transaction support: You may need additional skills and/or staff for a project on a finite/ temporary basis
  • Bankable Feasability Studies (BFS) : We have been involved in writing/reviewing/ collating  many BFS’s including: 
    • 2011: Aquila Coal Pty Ltd for their Washpool met. coal project in Bowen Basin
    • 2016-2018: Adani Coal & Rail Rock reviewed and finalised 38 chapters across Mine & Rail projects (construction of 27mtpa coal mine and 380 km rail from mine to Abbott Pt Coal Loading terminal), for funding of $900m from Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF)
    • 2019-2020: Metro Mining Ltd (ASX:MMI)for their bauxite mine in Weipa. Rock reviewed and finalised the BFS which led to securing NAIF Funding of $47m (credit approval received Nov.2019)
    • 2021: Chinova Resources Pty Ltd, for their Osborne Copper mine, south of Cloncurry, Qld
    • 2021/2022 : EQ Resources Ltd (ASX:EQR), for their Mt Carbine tungsten mine in North Queensland.

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