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Private Tuition

Whether its Advanced Excel, Financial Modelling, Mining or Investment Banking topics, we can improve your skills in a few private lessons.
  • Do you understand when a Nominal discount rate should be applied to cashflows versus a Real discount rate? And how to convert one to the other? If you don’t you could have got your last valuation wrong.
  • Are you a CEO who hasn’t looked at an Excel spreadsheet for years? Would you like to be able to locate key inputs and calculations quicker… and understand what those Investment Bankers are saying? Are you a CEO happy to rely on “trusted personnel” / advisors to explain the numbers? Would you prefer to be able to interrogate them yourself? (and in 10 minutes, not 10 hours)
  • Or do you own a small business and have been asked to tender for a new contract in real $ not nominal $- would you know the difference? Would you know how to “strip out” the inflation element? (Or would you bid in nominal $, thus overprice, and potentially lose the business)
  • Are you a graduate, wanting to work in Investment Banking, or Mining, or Project Finance, or Private Equity? Why not receive some intensive tuition before your interview, re typical calculations in these sectors – and get the job!
  • Are you involved in mining and don’t understand your NPV from a CAT793?
  • Could you in one keystroke, produce the effects on your firms valuation, from changes in 10 different FX forecasts and 10 different inflation forecasts? (we can show you how)
  • Do you know the correct way to model the effect of working capital on cashflow?
  • When your finance team brings you financial forecasts would you like to be able to drill down (quickly) into the numbers? And thus be able to ask the right questions and understand anomalies in the data- fast!

Call us to discuss how we can assist you with private tuition. Over a series of one-hour lessons, (or 8 hours – it’s up to you), you will be amazed at how much you can learn, so that you will:

  1. Be “flying around the keyboard” using your newly learned shortcuts, and
  2. Vastly improve your understanding of complex formulae- so they are no longer complex!

Our trainers have held senior positions in Investment Banking, hence we are accustomed to dealing with staff at the highest echelons within corporations, and we understand that they are time poor-so we will come in and teach the essentials.  At the other end of the spectrum, for graduates, or junior staff- we can also assist – why not make an investment in your career today?