All industries:

  • Debt Advisory   Assisting corporates in sourcing the appropriate type of funding, and at the best terms, across New Debt, Debt refinance, and ongoing Debt Management . Wide range of funders across senior debt. mezzanine debt, project finance, leveraged finance, acquisition finance, as well as hybrid avenues:  royalties & streaming, offtake advances from Traders, and derivatives.
  • Corporate Finance consultants  Assisting firms across day-to-day corporate aspects and monthly reporting, to transaction/project specific needs. Virtual CFO services, for firms who don’t need or don’t have a CFO. Writing BFS & Project feasibility studies/ Contract review &DD/Creating presentations for, and presenting to Board/ Management/ Investors/ Stakeholders/Investor Relations.
  • Financial Modeling   We build, re-build, and audit financial models for a variety of end uses: Valuations, IPO, Strategic Analysis, Borrowing, Lending, Feasibility of a new project, etc.  Clients want us to “uncomplicate” the numbers, and create a tool, which they can then use to make better business decisions. 


  • Mining Finance   Fund raising for mining/ energy/ infra sectors. Wide network of funders with appetite for all stages: from in construction/no revenue/no JORC/no BFS, to a producing asset.
  • M&A – Mines For Sale  (and processing plant).  We are the #1 ranking site in Australia for “Mines For Sale”: connecting Buyers & Sellers. 50+ projects across gold, copper, coal, magnetite, hydrogen, critical minerals, renewables, clean energy, etc.  Some for sale / some seeking funding

Some past clients below

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