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Wij bieden drie soorten trainingen:

1. Openbare cursussen
2. Op maat gemaakte groeps cursussen
3. Privé onderwijs

Cursus bubble1enAanbod

Wij geven trainingen in de volgende onderwerpen:

  1. Advanced Excel,
  2. Financieel Modelleren,
  3. Investment Banking,
  4. Project Financiering
  5. Mijnbouw taxatie

Cursus Data

Wij geven trainingen over de hele wereld, inclusief de steden hieronder. Neem contact met ons op voor de exacte data. Als uw stad hieronder niet vermeld staat, kunnen wij naar u toekomen. Als u liever zakelijke training bij uw bedrijf wilt, of privé onderwijs, neem dan contact met ons op – we bespreken graag hoe we u kunnen helpen.

Cursus Prijzen



Private Tuition – 2013:

RFM gave 7 days private tuition to a young Chinese law graduate (Cambridge, UK) who was moving into mining/corporate finance and needed intensive training for job interviews. We had many discussions prior to the classes, and were able to tailor material specifically for him. He gave the course a 10/10 with the following comments  Excellent materials that were thoroughly prepared and tailored to my individual requirements.  Intense classes but managed to successfully cover a wide range of topics, from metals & mining to leveraged buyout and M&A merger models. The trainer was very responsive to questions and also provided impeccable answers. She was also very receptive to suggestions on changing content during the course and had other exercises in reserve to meet new content requests. This proved to be extremely crucial, as I had new interviews scheduled at the last minute that we hadn’t discussed, but she was able to adapt to my request”.  

Neem contact met ons op als u uw carriëre een boost wilt geven.. of simpelweg uw Excel werk wilt kunnen afronden!

Barrick Gold Corporation – 2013: Cairns

RFM gave 4 days intensive financial modelling training to financial staff from Barrick Gold, PNG and Zambia.

We were able to illustrate how many complex formulae can be easily constructed-as well as many timesaving tips and short-cuts The best feedback we can get is when students tell us they were able to go back to the office on Monday and implement  everything they’d learnt – and create more efficient/cleaner financial models, that produce results quicker- and generally make their job easier- and this is what these attendees told us.

Gesam S.p.A. – 2013: Lucca, Italia

RFM gave  private tuition in financial modelling to staff at Gesam S.p.A, one of Italy’s gas distribution companies. We received a brief of what the client needed to learn, including specific models he had to construct for his business line,  and over two days of intensive classes we were able to teach such.  The client’s feedback was that the course was even better than he expected it to be.  The course was conducted in Italian by our financial modelling specialist in Italia, Marco Rossi, and all teaching materials (including 50 pages of Excel tutorials) were all in Italian.

We hebben meertalige trainers door heel Europa. Neem contact met ons op als u uw carriëre een boost wilt geven.. of als u die ene baan wilt krijgen!