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Advanced Excel Training

  • 100% Excel
  • Prerequisite: Basic Excel
  • Who would benefit from this course:

    Anyone who wants to be faster at Excel ! Learn formulae, tips, and short-cuts that will dramatically improve your speed and productivity with spreadsheets and models.  After this advanced Excel training course you will understand what all those commands are,  that you’ve been looking at for years- but been too busy/ afraid to click on!

  • This course is: Not finance specific, nor specific to any industry


Are you a CEO always asking the juniors to “run the numbers”, because you don’t understand Excel? Or a PA who needs to get results to your boss much quicker? Or just someone who has never taken the time to delve further into the marvels of advanced Excel? If so, this course is for you, as it will solve some of the mysteries of Excel and boost your productivity, as we teach you how easy it is to create advanced formulae and functions in Excel. This course is not finance-specific and would thus suit people from any echelon of any industry i.e. from architects to builders to bankers, from students to PA’s to CEO’s.

Most people have only ever uncovered 10% of Excel’s potential because they are too busy, but sitting down and learning more (even if its just another 10%) will vastly increase your speed i.e. spend some time to save some time. This course will teach you how to easily navigate around the Excel window, and after just one day you will be “flying” around the keyboard via your newly-learned shortcuts (and thus minimal reliance on the mouse), and will have learnt many of Excel’s powerful (but obscure/deeply hidden) functions.

“How is your course different to the many other Advanced Excel courses on offer?”

  • Our trainers have not been standing in a classroom lecturing for years- rather they are also “out in the field”, working on live assignments for clients, using Excel. They face new challenges every day- and devise ways to solve them in Excel.  Thus you learn real-life examples of how they solved problems, in addition to the usual advanced formulae you would learn in any Excel course.
  • We explain more than 100 very useful shortcuts and tips, and 50 of the more complex functions in Excel, as well as combining them (i.e. using many functions in one formula: “multiple nested functions”) . For each of these we will lead you through one or more examples-so that’s more than 150 examples to solidify it in your brain.  Thus after the course, many Excel issues you encounter back at the office – will no longer be issues!
  • We will give you a file to take away, containing the above 150 items with worked examples for all. I’s not locked, protected, hidden, or require a login, or has an expiry date –  thus back at the office you can refer to it, look at the step-by-step instructions of how to construct the formula, table, chart, etc, or copy and paste the formula into your own work.
  • We fit in with what you want to learn: tell us pre the course topics you wish to learn and we will cover them.  If you are having problems with a particular Excel issue at work-send us the file and we’ll cover it in class.
  • Need help after the course? Call us- we are still helping students from years ago, with their ad hoc Excel problems

Part A: Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

We will give you a file containing our top 100 shortcuts, tips and tricks in Excel.  We will work through each of these in class,  where you will complete at least one exercise for each- so after 100 exercises you will be “flying” around the keyboard and hardly using the mouse.  This is important for people who have to handle large amounts of data :  you will find your data quicker, and get the job done in a fraction of the time if you can learn not to use the mouse ( and less chance of RSI as well).

Part B: Functions, Formulae & Presentation

We cover many  of the more useful and complex functions in Excel, working through an Excel file with over 50 tabs, each tab illustrating one item (some listed below), and each with at least two examples – thus over 100 examples for you to work through in class.  This is your file to take-away and will be a useful reference after the course, as you can look up the (alphabetical) listing if you have problems with a particular Excel item back at the office.  The internet is full of Excel help sites however this is an Excel file (not a website / doesn’t require a login / doesn’t have an expiry date) with >50 of Excel’s more advanced functions in alphabetical order.

  • Functions: Concatenate, Count, Dates, Index, Indirect, Logic (If and AND), Lookups, Match, Offset, PMT (and PPMT and IPMT), Rand, Rank, Rounding, Sumif, SumProduct, (and “triple sumproduct”), XNPV & XIRR. We also look at the additional benefit of combining two functions i.e. Match & Vlookup, Match & Index, Rank & Sumif, plus more.
  • Commands: Array functions, Custom lists, Data validation (and warnings), Goal seek, Naming ranges (and Name Manager), Macros (and creating “buttons” and shortcuts for a Macro) , Rapid formulae copy, Watch Window, plus more.
  • Charts: instant chart (in 1 keystroke), creating, adding data, adding a 2nd axis, adding a regression line, creating a “waterfall/ bridge” chart, “spider” charts, 3D charts such as “bubble” charts, and the great formatting options available (since Excel 2010).
  • Tables: Instant tables, shortcuts to create tables, Data tables, Pivot tables, Scenario manager.
  • Presentation: The numbers are only half the story- why not also add impressive presentation so your manager / clients thinks  “This person really put some effort into this presentation”. We will show you some of the excellent features in Excel that allow you to take text, values, charts, and tables from boring to impressive in just a few keystrokes i.e. Custom Numbers, Advanced cell formatting techniques, Conditional Formatting, Grouping, Inserting formulae into shapes and Smart Art, what are “Floating Tabs”, the excellent formatting options available (since Excel 2010).