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New Model Build

Need a new financial model built? We can start “from scratch”: from a blank Excel sheet, and create you an easy-to-understand model, which will be a tool you can use to make confident business decisions. Let us help you transform assumption/input documents into a clear and concise financial model.

New Model Build

Model "Fix"/Rebuild

Need an existing financial model re-built or "fixed"? or refreshed? Or new data added?

Why spend unnecessary time and money on a new model, when a re-build/fix/refresh suffice?

Busy period coming up? Need temporary analyst staff/modellers? : Why pay for full-time financial modellers or investment analysts when you only need them occasionally? We can help. 

In all our roles, the common element is that clients want us to “uncomplicate” the numbers and create a clear, easy-to-use model: a tool they can have confidence in to make better business decisions.  

Some typical steps in our modelling assignments: The below steps relate to multi million $/Euro transactions-if you are a small business that requires basic cashflow modelling we can also assist:  the process is the same: identify the correct inputs and build the model. 

Step 1: Understand the clients requirements/ liaise with all stakeholders to ascertain which outputs they require from the model/ map out the architecture of the model. If we are doing a re-build Step 1 will be conducting a  thorough audit of your model.

Step 2: Get the inputs right : the numbers come from somewhere- thus we do more than modelling: We read the input documents: this could range from one Information Memorandum/Offering Document to over 200 documents (Technical, Market, Traffic, Patronage, Engineering, Environmental, Legal, Forecast FX rates, Forecast CPI rates, Forecast Product specifications etc). We have many years experience reviewing complex Due Diligence documents and ensuring the model reflects the inputs and calculations from such documents

Step 3: Build the base case financial model :  Are you selling an asset? Buying an asset? Approaching an investor (debt or equity) for funding? Submitting a bid? Or simply wish to ascertain correct forecast cashflows for your business? Do you need to determine the valuation and return (NPV and IRR)? Or the debt capacity, on a project finance basis (DSCR and PLCR), or on a  Leveraged Finance basis (Debt/EBITDA), or via vanilla corporate funding (LVR)? Should you spend EUR300m on a 3rd manufacturing site? All these questions will be best answered by a robust financial model that delivers 100% accurate outputs i.e. answers .  Our clients are not Excel experts, and busy enough with their transaction, hence we keep the model as simple and user-friendly as possible: a tool that will help them : not create more work for them .

Step 4:  Finalise the Assumptions book : all cells in the model should be correctly formatted (as an input or a calculation) and every input should have a source, normally a link to another sheet which is the “Assumptions Book”, which explains the source of every input.

Step 5:  Create additional cases if needed/ run what-if-analysis and sensitivity analysis. Need 3 or 30 different scenarios done? We will work with you to identify the key variables that should be sensitised.

And then potentially 100 other steps as dictated by the clients particular project and requirements.

Our assignments have ranged from a 2 day cashflow build, to a 3 month debt raising exercise, to a two-year construction project – thus whatever your needs we have the people for you. Let us do your financial modelling (faster than you can) so you can focus on your business.  We are based on the Continent, hence you can hire local staff who speak your language (native European speakers) who will come and work from your office, or work remotely- whatever suits the client.

Amsterdam based (de Ruijterkade 112E, 1011AB) and serving all of Europe All enquiries : or call us on +31 6 2983 2003 The founder of Rock Financial Modelling, Emma McPherson will be happy to explain our services.