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Corporate Training

  • 20% discount for all attendees in Group courses . For institutional clients we offer a further discount.
  • Tailored curricula: We can tailor any of our public courses to your particular requirements, and discuss what exercises / case studies will be relevant to your staff.  Some clients have chosen one topic from our public courses and asked it be expanded into a 2 day course, others have asked us to turn a 2 day course into a series of lunchtime lectures.
  • Pre-course testing: to assess the attendees level of Excel: we want to teach your staff new abilities – not what they already know.
  • Post-course testing:  at a random date: attendees tend to focus more if they know they will be tested.
  • Post-course assistance: We are still helping students from many years ago :  thanks to email and Skype (i.e. showing excel screens on skype) we can help you with most issues in a matter of hours.
Are your staff fast enough to react to change? React to clients? React to the competition? After attending one of our courses they will be!   Up-skilling staff / helping them become faster at Excel, benefits the employer in the long run.


Some examples of tailored training are as follows, and could range from a lunchtime session to a half day course to 5 days.

      • Excel: Top 100 tricks/tips that will turn you into an Excel wizard (half-day)
      • Excel: Charts only
      • Excel: Macros only
      • Private Equity 101
      • WACC: Weighted Average Cost of capital
      • CAPM:  Capital asset pricing model
      • Discount Rates: Nominal vs Real, Tax vs pre-Tax, Geared vs Ungeared
      • Corporate Finance 101
      • Valuation methods: Multiples vs DCF (Discounted Cash Flow)?
      • O&G (Oil and Gas) valuation 101
      • Coal mine valuation 101
      • Gold mine valuation 101
We are delivering Corporate training from Germany to Australia to Hong Kong.  Attendees leave the course as “Excel wizards” and can work faster back in the office – a good ROI!  Contact us today to see how we can upskill your staff too.

Barrick Gold Corporation – 2013: Cairns

RFA gave 4 days intensive financial modelling training to financial staff from Barrick Gold, PNG and Zambia.

We were able to illustrate how many complex formulae can be easily constructed-as well as many timesaving tips and short-cuts The best feedback we can get is when students tell us they were able to go back to the office on Monday and implement  everything they’d learnt – and create more efficient/cleaner financial models, that produce results quicker- and generally make their job easier- and this is what these attendees told us.

Siemens – Febuary 2013: Nuremberg

RFA consulted to Siemens AG in Nuremberg, Germany re construction of a new global, standard template financial model for one of their divisions, and also gave training to the team in Advanced Excel and Financial Modelling. The team were happy with the training and over 3 days learnt many new Excel functions, tips and short-cuts,  and in general, faster ways to complete their Excel work.

Laerdal – December 2012: Norway

RFA provided in-house group training to Norwegian company, Laerdal (a leading medical supply co.) in December 2012. Our client told us what their staff needed to learn and we tailored our courses accordingly. “Our Excel and Financial Modelling courses teach skills that can be used across all industries”.

Euromoney plc/ Shinhan Bank Korea – September 2009: Hong Kong

Euromoney Training plc sub-contracted RFA to give 4 days training to 20 bankers from Korean bank, Shinhan, in the subject:  “Financial Modelling for Mergers & Acquisitions”. The attendees gave an overall rating of 90% for the trainer and all responded that they would recommend the course to others.