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Financial Modelling: Professional Assistance From Real Experts

Do you need adhoc assistance in your financial modelling? Rock Financial Modelling builds financial models for any purpose. Our company works across all industries and organization types. We provide a comprehensive range of financial modelling services that help our clients analyze data more efficiently. Read on to learn more!

Qualified Consulting In Financial Modelling

Building financial models is an inherently difficult and complex task. If you need competent analytical and modelling support, just give as a call – RFM performs the job quickly, efficiently and to the highest professional standards. Whether it’s valuation of a coal mine or 20 year cash flow for a hospital – we have the ideal experience and skills needed to give you qualified consulting on financial models.

Our consulting services include the creation of new financial models and updating models with due diligence as well as transaction services and standby Excel support. For a detailed overview of our service portfolio, please visit this page.

Financial Modelling Audits

A financial model is only as good as the quality of its inputs and assumptions – hence the importance of a thorough financial model audit. A financial review brings fresh eyes and an impartial perspective. As experts with many years of auditing experience, we notice issues that the everyday user does not.

Rock Financial Modelling offers varying levels of reviews, ranging from quick health checks to complete financial model reviews and interrogations of all inputs and calculations. We fix the issues we find and make sure the calculations agree with the documentation. We do not charge substantial hourly rates to advise minor issues – therefore, you can save money by sending your model to us first if your transaction CP requires that it is audited by a “Big 4” firm.

Why Choose Rock Financial Modelling?

You know that your precious time is better spent doing what you do best – helping your clients achieve their goals. By outsourcing your financial modelling to experienced professionals, you increase the amount of time spent on revenue producing activities. The costs are predictable and plannable, and can be factored into your client service fees. Why pay for full-time financial modellers or investment analysts when you only need them occasionally?

Rock Financial Modelling has many years of modelling experience. Thus, we can complete the tasks quicker than our clients. Another advantage is that we are experts in model presentation. If you want to make sure that your project gets approved by the Board, Rock Financial Modelling is the right partner to turn to. Our presentation is clear, concise and easy to follow.

Financial Modelling Courses And Training

Rock Financial Modelling has a distinguished reputation for delivering top-quality and comprehensive financial training programs. We approach each course with the goal of integrating a clear understanding of theoretical concepts and applied technical skills for an optimal learning experience. No matter whether you are a consulting financial analyst or an investment banker – we promise that you will benefit from our courses, regardless of your experience.

Our training courses put the emphasis on best practice financial modelling rather than on complex financial issues. To create a robust model, we cover planning, logic flow and error minimization tips as well as other key tenets that should be adhered to. After your course is over, you will be able to:

For more information about our training programs, please visit this page or contact us by phone or email anytime. We will be glad to discuss content and deployment options to provide a custom training solution to fit your organization’s needs.