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Why RFM?

..and some more FAQ’s:

Why outsource to a consultant?
  • Save money: Why pay for a full-time/permanent analyst/modeller when you only need one occasionally/part of the year
  • Save time:  With our many years of modelling experience we can complete the task quicker than our clients.
  • Independent: We are a fresh set of eyes, thus may pick up issues that an insider (seeing the same numbers every day) would not.
  • Presentation: Our clients are experts in their respective fields- we are experts in model presentation. Don’t risk your project not getting approved by the Board / or your loan not approved by the bank / or sale of your asset, project or idea – because the recipient couldn’t find the information in the model  (it was there, but too hidden or poorly presented). Our presentation is clear and concise.
Consultants just leave me with a complicated model I can’t understand
  • Maybe some do, but we believe in keeping the model as simple as possible.  Sometimes advanced formulae can’t be avoided but we have seen many models where a simple formula (over a few more rows) could have returned the same result as an overly complex formula.
  • Our clients are not Excel experts, hence we aim not to leave them with a model that requires advanced Excel knowledge- and if such knowledge is required, we will give free training.
Why choose RFM over a “Big 4” accounting firm
  • We are cheaper, as we have low overheads which we pass on to the client.
  • We have Investment Banking deal experience-see below.
  • We have a more holistic view than debits, credits, balance sheets and P&L’s. Having worked on substantial financings (project and leveraged finance), we understand how the model may need to reflect all stages from origination / due diligence / financial close / construction / commissioning and operation / post completion budget updates…and things that can go wrong along the way, and the 100 sensitivities that may need to be performed on the base case i.e. we do more than create a set of annual financial statements
  • We are a small/boutique firm, thus you won’t get lost among our 50,000 other clients.
Will my financial model affect my ability to obtain funding? Sell my idea? Sell my product?
  • Yes- an error in your financial model, or merely poor presentation, where your audience (manager / banker/ buyer / funder, etc) couldn’t find the relevant data, could affect your ability to achieve your end goal.  Perception is everything : a “sloppy” model will infer a “sloppy” business or poorly thought idea / project.  Whatever your aim, from selling a bakery to building a toll-road, to a simple 20 year cash-flow, if the model is unclear, your audience could be left confused. Let us transform your idea into numbers-clearly.